Values…What are they? and How can they support us by influencing positive changes in our lives?

To start, let’s dive a little deeper into the meaning of a value. A value is something that someone perceives to be valuable or important. We […]

Have you ever thought about doing something that could create personal or professional growth, but something deep within you caused you to pump the brakes? If you have then you’re not alone, because I’ve been there.

Have you ever thought about starting a business or going back to school for that advanced degree, but second guessed the idea right out of your head? For many of us, sticking to the norm is one of the only ways to avoid the discomforts of facing the unknown. But why… What’s the worst that could happen?

I wanted to take time this ‘Thanksgiving’ to pay homage to Indigenous people for the use of this land and its resources.

As I sit here on this day of Thanksgiving, I reflect on my current situation and what it would have been like if my ancestors had never arrived into the Americas. My recent curiosity into exploring my own cultural and ancestral identity has caused me to consider what other cultural influences or contributions have persuaded my present day experience.

Why is it important to normalize mental health? It can sometimes feel like there’s an elephant in the room that we can all see, yet nobody wants to acknowledge it.

Nobody is immune to the ‘crazies’ that human existence brings, so why is there so much shame or stigma around admitting it when you just don’t feel quite right?