“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside of you.”

– Maya Angelou


What we do

We provide culturally sensitive mental health services to individuals, couples, and groups through a virtual platform. Consultation services are available for community-based organizations that are interested in promoting and encouraging the utilization of mental health services within underserved and other marginalized communities.

How we achieve it

We inspire healing by offering a safe and uninhibited space that encourages the processing of internal traumas or thought processes that are preventing a sense of fulfillment, mental balance, or overall well-being.


Who we serve

We offer services to anyone within the Minnesota or Twin Cities metro area who could benefit from individualized, culturally aware therapy due to traumatic life experiences or current stressors which have impacted their mental and emotional well-being.

Anticipated outcomes

We support each individual with reaching their full potential by supporting healing towards a self-fulfilled and empowered life.